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Journal Article

Assessing physical activity and function in the Filipino older adults

This cross-sectional study was conducted to describe: the physical activity and function of 47 Filipinos (N = 47), 65+ years old living in Honolulu; and the relationship between these two variables. Data collected included an interview on demographics, health history, physical activity and function. Performance based physical function tests included handgrip, chair stands, balance, ten foot and six minutes walk. RESULTS: For physical activity, most of the participants engaged in sedentary lifestyle. However, they did not have difficulty performing activities of daily living (ADL) and generally had no difficulty with the performance-based physical function tests. Physical function, handgrip, was significantly related to heavy physical activity.

C.D. Ceria-Ulep
A. Dalusung-Angosta
R.T. Magday-Asselstine
M.A. Castillo
I.S. Pagano
D. Li
A. Wooton
Publication Date