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Journal Article

Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Asian Indians: A Review of the Literature

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is increasing in Asian Indians globally. In this article, we review published studies of interventions designed to prevent T2DM or improve self-management in South Asian Indians. A PubMed, CINAHL, Medline, EMBASE, Psycinfo, Family & Society Studies Worldwide, Web of Science, and Consumer Health Complete search was conducted using the following search terms: type 2 diabetes mellitus, Asian Indian continental ancestry group, therapy, treatment, management, care, intervention, self-care, exercise, diet, and lifestyle. The review included pilot or full intervention studies examining the prevention and/or management of T2DM and qualitative studies analyzing the influence of various ethnic factors on the prevention and management of T2DM. Seventeen studies met the inclusion criteria. They examined the influence of culture and religion and the effectiveness of individual and community-based education and lifestyle improvement programs, exercise, and complementary therapies. Few programs led to the improved long-term management of T2DM. Further research is needed to develop ethnic-specific interventions.

L.M. Joseph
D. Berry
A. Jessup
Publication Date